Terms of Services

These Terms of services (Further Rules), are regulate in legally reasonable context all processes of interaction between the Bitgroup Trade Limited company registered according to the legislation of England and the natural person who has reached age of 18 years, (further the investor, you), having accepted these Rules in full.

The company provides to investor the products and services associated with investment into the Internet by means of using by the investor of the allocated area of the the company’s website (the personal account).

All interactions between the company and investor are regulated by these Rules and fall under definition of “Private Deal”.

Responsibility limitation

The company can’t guarantee correct implementation of obligations and providing products and services at the force majeur circumstances action, and also in cases when this non-performance is caused by factors out of influence of the company. This Responsibility limitation extends both to the company’s website, and to all factors accompanying and objectively associated with the company’s activity. Including providing of uninterrupted working of website.


Investor voluntarily provides full information which is necessary for the personal account creation, and provides also information which can be used by company for improvement of the interaction processes subsequently.
Investor at registration is obliged to accept these Rules.
Investor can create only one personal account.
Company has the right to block all personal accounts of investor in case of the identification of such the fact without refunding of the lost in this regard funds.


Investor creates investments according to provisions of the “Investments” section of the company’s website and confirms that he uses for this purpose the funds which are exclusively belonging to him.
Investor has the right to the profit obtaining according to investment offers of the company, having regulated by the “Investments” section.
Investor has the right for the unlimited term of cooperation with the company on condition of observing of these Rules and other conditions, which have been stated in all sections of the company’s website.

The funds withdrawal

Investor has the right for withdrawal of funds according to these Rules. The funds withdrawal can be processed upto 48 hours.


Investor has the right to the partner reward obtaining according to the “Affiliate program” section of the company’s website and on condition of observance of these Rules.

Privacy policy

Information which we can collect about you
We can collect and process data about you in order to worke ffectively and provide you the best experience with our products. You can provide us a part of this information, for example, having filled a registration form on our website. Also we can collect some data about you by using of automatic means. Having used for this purpose, for example, cookie at visit of our website.

How are we using the personal information
We use information which we collect about you in order that:
to provide for you our services and products;
to notify you about changes in our services or on improvements of our products;
to provide you information about other products which you used or have taken an interest of them, which, in our opinion, can be interest you.

Information disclosure

We won’t open your personal data and information to anybody, except the cases described below:
we can provide your personal information to the third parties for interaction process improving if you has permit;
we can provide your personal information to the third parties if it doesn’t contradict this privacy policy and the legislation of Great Britain;
we can provide your personal information to the third parties if it needs to be made according to requirements of the legislation of Great Britain and the international legislation;
we can provide your personal information to the third parties if it is necessary for protection of the rights, property and/or reputation of the company.