In this section are provided answers to the main questions connected with cooperation and investing process.

Common issues. Safety.

How there is a process of formation of profit for the company and investors?
The declared profitability on each of three investment offers from our company is formed and becomes guaranteed available to our investors as result of the actual work of personnel of the company in the course of acryptotrading. Thus obtained profit amount is not a fixed gain.
Therefore on each of investment offers a certain amount of profitability is offered. At the same time, the company provides guarantees at the minimum face value of profitability on any of investment plans, providing the profit “in any case” to each investor. In more detail you can study our investment offers in the “Investments” section.
It is how safe to use the website of the company?
The https://bitgroup.trade website is equipped with all necessary means, doing use of the https://bitgroup.trade website absolutely safe both from the point of view of safety of transmitted data, and from the point of view of counteraction to malicious applications including a phishing, and also from the point of view of carried out financial actions by investors when using its account. Besides, the website work of the company is realized with use of the most modern and powerful servers which don’t allow to influence of the DDoS-attacks to steady work of the website in real time.

Account. Investing

Whether can I create several accounts in the system?
If you create more than one account in our system, then all your accounts will be frozen. Access to such accounts will be suspended, and funds, which can be on these accounts won’t be returned. Thus, creation of multiaccounts on the website of our company is forbidden.
How is safe the personal data providing during registration on the website of the company?
We guarantee confidentiality of any, provided by you, information. Including personal data, payment data, name, E-mail and any other personal information. Any information provided by the investor, will be stored by website system of the company in the of full confidentiality conditions and nondisclosure to the third parties except the cases, provided by the international legislation and the relevant precepts of law of the Great Britain.
How is safely and reliable to invest in your company?
Investing into our company are safely and guaranteed. You can be always sure that your money will steadily work and bring a profit for you.
What electronic payment systems the Bitgroup Trade Limited accept?
Today the company suggests the investors to perform investment, using for this purpose the following electronic payment systems:
AdvCash, Perfect Money.
How much time is required on that the earned funds have available on my e-wallet after creation of payment request?
We pay your attention to that payments can be in processing till 48 hours. It can be associated, first of all, with safety of the performed transactions.
What is the minimum amount of investments?
You can invest $20 minimally.
What is the maximum amount of investments?
As we don’t limit the number of the deposits made by any client, respectively, there are no restrictions for the greatest possible amount of investments. However the single deposit is possible upto $300.
What is the amount, admissible to payment minimally?
You can withdraw minimally $ 0.2; 0.0005 BTC; 0.15 ETH and 0.25 LTC.
What is the maximally admissible amount to payment?
The company doesn’t set restrictions for the maximally admissible amount to payment.
By what days are provided the percentage accruals on your investment plans?
According to all investment offers of our company, the percentage charges by made deposit are performed daily including on the weekend.
Whether are provided any additional commissions or the hidden payments in the program?
Neither for account balance, nor for funds withdrawal, the company doesn’t raise any additional commission collecting or the hidden payments from its clients. Just most transparent business relationship.


I have no active deposit. Do I have an opportunity to earn, inviting new participants?
The company has created the Referral program under the terms of which each client of the company has the right to earn partner reward regardless of whether he has an active deposit in the program, or not.
In what currency I can withdraw the funds, which have been added to me in the partner reward form for the deposit which has been made by my referral?
Performing of all financial transactions provide the using of the relevant electronic payment systems. It means, for example, that if your partner used at the depositing of the Bitcoin electronic payment system , you earn for this deposit the partner reward in BTC currency too.
What advertizing materials are available to use for acquaintance with the program of the company of new participants?
Besides a referral link, you can use banners. You can find banners in the “Affiliate Program” section.
Can I receive the Representative status of the company, without having own investment?
Yes, it is possible. To receive the Representative status of the company, without having own investment, your partner structure has to invest in the company not less than $6,000 in total. But if you still do not want to awaiting, then for obtaining the Representative status of the company is enough to create personal investment from $2,000.

Technical issues. Support

At registration I have mistakenly specified incorrect number of e-wallet. How can I edit this?
It is impossible to change payment data by yourself after completion of process of registration. To make changes to your payment data, you have to contact in a support service of the company, having stated essence of a question. In the shortest time our experts will help you to solve this problem.
I want to change my E-mail specified by me at registration. How can i do this?
It is impossible to change payment data by yourself after completion of process of registration. To make changes to your E-mail, you have to contact in a support service of the company, having stated essence of a question. In the shortest time our experts will help you to solve this issue.
I have forgotten the password for log in to the account. What should I do?
To recover the password for authorization on the the company website, use the recovery form of the password located on the company’s website. At the same time, we strongly recommend you to write down and store in the safe place your given authorizations in order to avoid difficulties with log in on the company’s website.
What is the work schedule of the company support service?
We do everything possible for improvement of our services. Therefore you can contact in our support service 7 days a week, without days off, from 9:00 to 20:00.

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