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Importance and correctness of the made decisions depends on the obtained information. Meet - Bitgroup Trade Limited.

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Our values

  • Striving for perfection
  • Stable efficiency
  • Focus on success
  • Unity with customers
  • Transparency of business
  • Faultlessness of reputation
  • Quality of services

When efforts
concentrated in right direction

Our company performs the marginal and spot trading by the main cryptocurrencies at the largest cryptocurrencies exchanges of the world. In particular, using methods of preventive identification of the rate fluctuations, we perform the speculative deals with cryptocurrency assets at such exchanges as Bitfinex, Bittrex, Kraken and also at the many others, if it is demanded by the business circumstances.

The best technologies of cryptocurrency trading and perfection ways of investment activities performing. The Bitgroup Trade Limited it is the business stability, safety and high total profit for investors.

Support in real time for a best trading

Performing of investing doesn’t require from clients of our company existence of special knowledge or skills. Our important advantage consists that we have an opportunity correctly and safely to operate investment money, reliably providing profit to clients and effectively increasing total profitability.

Mobile solutions

Convenience maximum at cooperation and performing by clients of investment with our company. The team of professional programmers of the company is in process of the application creating adapted for mobile devices which will improve a usability of the investment program and will make investing process even more convenient for our customers. The best business solutions and your personal office any time, any where.

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