Benefit of cooperation

Take advantage of the best opportunities of receiving investment profit which are given by the multinational cryptocurrency company Bitgroup Trade Limited.

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Stability and safety of investments is guaranteed by existence of perfect technologies of cryptotrading and programmes of preventive identification of the rate fluctuations.

Become a part of high technologies

Stable profit

Technological developments makes profit growth by stable.

Globality of achievements

Technologies & opportunities available to investors from world.

The power
of unity

Simple partner solutions available to each client of our investmet company.

Safety of

Investments are under reliable protection of our technologies.

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Investment plans


Start plan

30 calendar days
Principal Back
$20 - $500

Silver plan

60 calendar days
Principal Back
$251 - $5000

Gold plan

90 calendar days
Principal Back
$501 - $50,000

Splendid profit

  • Availability and efficiency
  • High profit
  • Stability and reliability
  • Fast payback
  • Proven technologies

More info
300% After

for 60 Days

Principal Back
$1001 - $50,000
0.12 - 10.0000 BTC
850% After

120 Days

Principal Included
$5000 - $50,000
0.65 - 10.0000 BTC

Affiliate program

Affiliate program from the company is a flexibility and democratic character of participating conditions in a process of obtaining stable and not limited additional active income from investments of new participants invited by you.

  • Three levels of partner structure
  • Earn 5%-2%-1% of structure
  • Profit without investments
  • Unlimited earnings
  • Support of the company

Full Description

Advantages of a branch leader

Usage of advanced technologies and developments provides safety of investments and stability of all processes of investing.

Cloud mining

Additional sources of stable profit as guarantor of safe process of investments.

New technologies

Upgrade and updating of the hardware of a trading facility each 6 months.


Stability of system is provided with the trustworthy, innovative and smart software.

Equal opportunities

Everyone is capable to get so much how much he will consider need. No borders and limitations.

Close-knit team

Our personnel works as well-oiled machine, effectively and without mistakes.


The openness and respect for the best traditions of business open new prospects.

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